Channel Editor

The Channel Editor is a channel list editor that allows you to sort the channel list of your TV comfortably on your Mac.


An overview of all functions

Drag & Drop

Stations can be sorted easily through the Drag & Drop function.


You can find the station you're looking for with the help of the Search function.


Easily sort an old station list.


Create lists of Favorites, as easy as never before.


The Channel Editor in detail

The Channel Editor is a station list editor, with which you can sort the stations of your TV comfortably from the Mac.

Did your cable company change the frequencies of many stations once again, and now you must sort the stations of your TV for hours once more?

Thanks to the Channel Editor, you will never have this problem again. Simply perform a new channel scan on your TV and subsequently sort your preferred stations easily with the Drag&Drop function on your Mac, or sort older station lists.